Move Mountains

Mountain Mural

Mountain Mural

I took the weekend to paint a mural. I’d been excited about this project for a while so I started researching on Pinterest a few weeks ago. Initially, I was searching for examples to lead me down a creative discovery that would turn into an original piece. This did not happen. But what did, will amaze you (this is how they lure you in on buzzfeed so I thought I’d try it).

I couldn’t get this particular example out of my head. Artist, Pam Lostracco painted this beautiful mountain scape in her bedroom that is absolutely brilliant. And since seeing her masterpiece, I couldn’t walk past my living room without envisioning it on my wall.

This bothered me. It really bothered me.

I don’t like copying! I don’t like it one bit! On the receiving side of copying, I never feel “flattered” like you’re supposed to, I feel ripped off. But the mountains needed to happen, and happen on that particular living room wall. I toiled over it for days, back and forth with my moral compass and decided that I had to paint it. I put aside any ego bashing or guilt associated with down right copying this piece. For the sake of destiny, I painted the mural. It just belonged there. And here it is.

Pam, if you’re reading this, thank you for the beautiful design.

1. Tape all edges


2. Pencil in mountain lines alternating between bottom and top rows.


3. All paint colors are mixed from two basic tones. Navy blue and taupe. I used acrylic/latex.


4. Keep painting. Inhale, exhale.


5. Stop painting and just live your life already.


6. Seriously, just put the brush down and come to terms with the little imperfections. Walk away.


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