Inventions to watch for in 2015

I’ve scoped the web, looking for streamlined, technological advancements coming out this year. Among them were things for your phone, new stuff in your car and ways to be the hippest dude in the office. I noticed a gap in inventions. An area that has been neglected and swept aside like it doesn’t even matter. What am I referring to? What will benefit the entirety of mankind? Yup, you’ve seen it here, the Mobile Bath Pod. If someone makes this invention, then all of my wildest dreams will come true.


I’ve blue-printed all of the technical features and it really just makes sense, right? I mean, here I am walking around without being in a bath tub all day like a dingus. With the Mobile Bath Pod, you can benefit from the sense of being back in the womb, the luxurious feeling of floating on a cloud. And don’t get me started on the Scented Oil Access Hole. Be transported to a field of lavender, hugged by a warm cup of spiced vanilla chai.

If this doesn’t get picked up on Shark Tank, I will lose all of my faith in humanity.

-Stay sudsy friends.


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