Curiousity – A Rewarding Skill

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.James Stephens

I love this quote because it’s the TRUTH. Being curious and always posing questions is how we feed our creativity. It gives fear a righteous bitch slap and just moves on. Doesn’t even care.

I’ve heard the phrase “I’m just not crafty” or “I don’t have one creative bone in my body” repeated by some of the most inventive people I know. I strongly believe that everyone has an angle to work with. It’s just a matter of staying curious about what that angle might be.

There’s a science behind our curiosity, it’s makes our brain circuits light up.

One of my favorite motivators is Seth Godin, he gets it. He also practices it and share it with others. There is zero fear in his mission. He just doesn’t care, doesn’t give any Fs about it.

I make a lot of “one off” projects because of my curiosity. I don’t have an etsy store, I don’t work the craft show circuit because I get these annoying little questions in my head that will cause my brain to rot if I don’t pick at them, then I pick and keep moving. Making multiples of things is like answering the same question over and over again. No, I do not have a disorder, my mother had me tested. I’m on a voyage of craft discovery and it all starts with curiosity. Here is an example of a one off.

Problem: I blew a hole in my favorite pair of slippers.

Question: How can I make my own slippers?

Sewing Adult Shoes Patterns | Print pattern 2 times. Then cut out.

Room Shoe Pattern from

Answer: a simple pattern, and using materials that I love. I found the pattern on Pinterest. And gathered some old scraps of fake fur and fleece.

Then the questions really began to flow. Did I want to do pretty, feminine pastel? Sturdy, lumberjack? Spaztastic colorful hippy dippy? Sleek, more is less Normcore? I kept tracing, kept sewing, kept moving and kept questioning.


Sometimes the answers reveal themselves as you start to sink in. And that’s my favorite part of the process; not knowing if these slippers will be awesome and cozy or if they will make colorful kindling to match my fit of rage due to making stupid slippers. Just sticking with it to see what happens is all I need for a wild Friday night in the craft studio…..with my two cats….and some Netflix. Party on Wayne.


It took about 4 hours to make these bad boys. I feel super speedy when I wear them due to the wings applique. I love them, they are warm, fit the contour of my tiny half-asian feet and most of all, were hand made by these two hands.

I urge you to stay curious, take it easy on yourself and give no Fs.


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