Terrible Ways To Say “I Love You” – Free Printables


I am Pro-Valentine’s Day. None of this “oh it’s so commercial and made up just to feed our machine minds” crap. We celebrate Thanksgiving to show each other we are thankful. We celebrate Veterans’ Day to honor Veterans. I like celebrating Valentine’s Day to express how much I love my peoples. Don’t over think it! It’s an opportunity to show your love! How bad can that be?! I mean, you should show it everyday, but this is an entire holiday based around it! That’s awesome!

 I’ve been busy making valentines this week. I just have so many special people in my life. But I was having a hard time finding pre-made cards to express exactly how I feel.

I thought I’d share some of the Valentine’s I’ve made. I’ve also attached the printable artwork if you need last minute gifts for YOUR loved ones.


“If I murdered you” card. I’ll send this one to my mom, Ms. Kim. You can copy and paste the artwork below to send the same card to your mom!

Free download, just copy and pasteFree download, just copy and paste.


I’ll send this green one to my neighbor. The pink one will be sent to my valentine, the wonderful Dr. Haji.

eyesinsidephotoindeaide_deadthings copydeadthingsdeadthings2 eyeseyes2


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