5 Handmade Vintage Crafts That Just Don’t Happen Anymore

My mom, Ms. Kim is such a neat lady. She can always find a steal, always keeps my house in mind when she’s shopping and always has an eye for ridiculously boss products. Now by boss, I don’t mean droid helicopters that fly off of your wrist and will snap your selfie for you, I mean vintage throwbacks that will blow your freakin’ mind. Take for instance this plant holder.

1) Puka Plant Holder




This thing is ridiculous! It’s a puka shell materpiece!

“All handmade, Jessica, all handmade.” Ms. Kim kept saying as she handed it over, knowing how perfect it would look in my breezeway. And it got me wondering about vintage handmade. Vintage handmade goods that would make the fingers of a modern day crafter bleed. Goods that took weeks to make, obviously reflecting a certain moment in time and yet still make my modern-day eyes water. So, let’s reflect on some fine examples.

2) Vintage 1972 Sequin Beaded Handmade Bird Calendar

Amazingly beautiful, purposeful and completely boss.

3) The Beer Can Hat


Ms. Kim has made a few of these back in the day. I’ve seen my uncles wearing them in old family photos from the 70’s. Where do people come up with this stuff?! You can get the instructions here.

4) Spoon Rings, Fork Rings and other utensil jewelry

Assorted Rings sizes 4-13 by  Justspoonin'  ~  x

The origins of this craft are very interesting. Spoon rings date back as far as the 1600’s in England and were originally thought to represent love, responsibility and commitment.  As the story goes, servants who had fallen in love and wanted to propose marriage would steal silver spoons from their masters’ homes and have them crafted into rings. They were too poor to afford any sort of “real” engagement ring, so this was their best alternative to offering a beautiful and valuable ring to the woman they wanted to make their wife. Read all about it on justspoonin.com.

5) Yo Yo Dolls

My grandmother made these dolls, they were a part of my childhood. Brought out only at Christmas time with bells on, these dolls gave me the creeps. I would look at each layer of fabric closely, drown myself in all of the colors and patterns. But, whenever I took a step back and looked at the doll in it’s entirety, the hairs on my neck would stand up and scream bloody, bloody murder. With that said, yo yo dolls are a great way to use up scraps and also frighten small children. Some say their origins are from Caribbean culture. Find instructions here.

I salute you vintage handmade. I raise my copper Moscow Mule to your tenacity, intricacy and timeless beauty!


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