If My Subconscious Scheduled My Day


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Impossibility.”

The quote: Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. – Alice

This is one of my favorite quotes because my mind is very active the moment I wake. I stir under the covers for a few minutes trying to bat away the hungry cats pawing at my shoulder. If I were to actually do everything my brain prompts me to do in those few minutes, my day would look like this:

1) Eat 5 pink frosted donuts, an entire slab of bacon, and put on my sparkly tutu; ready for work!


This is usually my first day dream in the morning, before my feet hit the floor. I don’t even really like donuts.

2) Put on my jet pack and take the scenic route.


This can’t be too far off, right? Always wear safety goggles.

3) My day job would be Sasquatch Therapist, it’s mostly just giving them candy. They really like candy.


He was having trouble with his self image.

4) On my way home I would swing by the grocery store and use some hocus pocus to levitate old ladies so they can reach their canned beans on the top shelf.


This lady was enjoying the ride.

5) Orange Cat, Zed and I would have a fancy dinner together, all exhausted after a hard day. Orange Cat is a land surveyor and Zed is a plus-sized cat model.


You can’t please everyone all the time.

6) My neighbor, Sarah Silverman would stop by to sing a few Red Hot Chili Pepper tunes on the karaoke machine. She’s soooo the Anthony Kiedis to my Flea.


Sarah and I rockin’ to some tunage.

7) Then the cats and I would all be so sleepy, and retire to the human-sized cat cave.


Sleepy time human-sized cat cave.

– An impossibly fantastic day.


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