Simple Sharpie Art Project: watch your own face melt off

Get ready to lose it. Draw stuff, apply liquid, then watch the good times flow. I’ve recently seen various pins on a new form of tie-dye involving permanent markers and alcohol. Calling it tie-dye is actually a dis, because this is way more than tie-dye. It’s like Batik meets performance art, meets guaranteed trippiness.

Here’s what you need:


Isopropyl alcohol
Permanent markers in various colors
scrap fabric like cotton or silk
plastic bag
old empty eye dropper
no talent; whatsover

(I show straws and a plastic cup, just as options for dropping the alcohol onto the fabric)

I’ll show you some techniques I discovered farther down, here are the basic instructions:

1.Tape the flat plastic bag to your work surface. You can also use waxed paper, really anything to protect your work surface from the alcohol will do.

2.Tape down your piece of fabric and start drawing with the markers.


3.Load up the empty eye dropper with alcohol. I did this straight from the bottle, sucking up ounces of alcohol.

4.Saturate the piece of fabric with the alcohol and watch the magic happen.


I just saturated the fabric completely, leaving zero threads sober. No rules here to abide by.


The magic. It’s happening right now. Face proceeding to melt off.

5. Finished! Here is my first finished piece. Nice, nice, but I can do better.


Okay, I learned that you are the driver, the eye dropper is your vehicle. Tell it where to go. So let’s begin again.

1. Technique 2 – Draw a pattern (I went for wood grain, Martha Stewart would be so proud)


2. Technique 2 – Isolate areas to drop alcohol on. I’m making thoughtful decisions on where to place the liquid. Don’t just saturate the whole piece.


Yeah, that’s the way to do it! Let me start again.

Now, I’ve learned to isolate areas, AND to start with patterns that are circular in nature! SCIENCE! ‘salutes the sky’

1. Technique 3 – Draw CIRCULAR pattern.


3. Technique 3 – Saturate Isolated areas. Then, wait. Go back and saturate the same isolated areas. It’s like you are nurturing the liquid to spread when you do this. Be patient, grab a bagel, come back to it when it’s done it’s thing.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do we have here? Yup, face has melted.

4. Technique 3 – I kept dropping alcohol on the areas I targeted. Isn’t that a marketing thing “Keep nurturing targeted areas”? First rule of Craft Or Die Club…….Stop Marketing Stuff!

Eyes watering, weeping ensues. So pretty.

Eyes watering, weeping ensues. So pretty.

5. Technique 3 – Finished! This is the look I was going for! This is amazing and soooo easy.

Project completed. Face melted to the bone.

Project completed. Face melted to the bone.

So, to wrap up. Overall, take the time to play around with the materials and technique. I found the technique I liked and it just involves the teeniest bit of strategy. I think this project would be safe and fun for highly supervised children as well. Next, I’ll show you what to do with these fabric scraps. I’ll even put them in the wash to test their durability. Stay tuned!

P.S. This is what happens when you just let the creativity flow and manage to not give an F. Dr. Haji even got in on the fun because he likes craft time. So nice!


Portrait Technique

Coi Fish

Alcohol strategically dropped. Lovely soothing inhale/exhale resulted.

It. Just. Makes me. Weep

It. Just. Makes me. Weep

Dr. Haji joined in by making this monkey astronaut from Florida. Haji is demented and lovely.

Dr. Haji started off by making this monkey astronaut from Florida. Haji is demented and lovely.


Then Dr. Haji made a car crash. Fierce, Haji. Fierce.

Now it’s your turn. Go make something.


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