Launch: Cat Wig Studio

I am pleased to announce a new service I’m providing. Welcome to the launch of Cat Wig Studio!

You too, can have your cat look luxurious.

You too, can have your cat look luxurious.

I started this business in my spare time and it’s really taken off. A lot of people want their cats photographed in luxurious wigs. Check out my previous work.


Tabby, Lady Godiva Wig…..longing for his love.

If you or a friend you know also has this need, please contact me. I provide the following:

• A variety of shoot locations including my living room, your living room and a Pizza Hut

• Willingness to withstand the agony of rabies shots

• Custom-made wigs for cats, infused with cat-nip and made out of organic cat hair

• Online proofing system with audio commentary translated in Cat so you and your pet can review the photos together

• 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

Sign up for a session today!

Some other memorable shots:


Feline Noir.

Main Coone, Pretty In Pink.....innocent pondering.

Maine Coone, Pretty In Pink…..innocent pondering.

Yup, April Fools. Or is it?……….


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