Funny Shirt #1 – BRATS

Is this a series? Am I creating a series? Possibly. Probably. Potentially?

So look, turns out I don’t enjoy creating craft tutorials. It’s bogus to stop what you’re making to take seven photos of it. Annoying. Let’s try this new process:

1. Text my friendo Megs all night about sardonic life events, plans for world domination and yes, funny t-shirt sayings.

2. Get a bug up my ass about making said funny t-shirts.

3. Whim-driven design session and boom……

Funny T-shirt.


Here’s the interesting part. I’m a first time customer and experienced a less than satisfying experience. But the lady in the “preview pictures” looks soooooo good in this killer razor-back tank yo!


And just for testing purposes, here is the lady after eating a brat.


And for the full effect. Here is the lady after eating a brat and being outside all day at a barbeque. Midwest coast!


Looks great right? Now, I sent one of these shirts to my friend Anna. We have a Wisconsin camaraderie that is undeniably wholesome. We met in Ellsworth, WI over 13 years ago and have share the same love for brats, cheese curds and Barn Bluff in Red Wing. This is the shirt she got in the mail.

PART_1435014286523_IMG_4487 copy

What the heck! It’s something about “You summer in the oasis” and “a human being”. If anyone has a good translation of what this exactly says, lemme know.

But as Anna put it “I like the idea of someone receiving your brat shirt in the mail instead of this shirt”. Me too, Ms. Anna, me too.


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